Apply Conditional values

Conditional values have similarities with conditional colors because according the intervals values that you define; you will see a text or another.

These can be created from any column with the mark type Calculated formula but if you want to use the same conditional in different columns and groups, you should use the Conditional values configurator’.

Next we will explain a particular case to see its possibilities:

Suppose you want to see next to the final mark of the term if the student has passed or failed.

First go to Settings menu, select the Conditional values configurator, click on the + symbol and configure it like this:

Then back in the group, create a column with the Calculated formula mark type and press over the Configure option of the Conditional values.

You’ll see a screen that lets you define a conditional value but in this case, use which one you have previously set. To do this, press Select conditional value button on the bottom part of the pop-up window, select it from the list and you will see that automatically all fields are filled, so press Save in both windows to apply the changes.

The Formula generator will appear in order to select the tab and column you want to take, in this case, which one contains the final grade and then press OK to apply it.

NOTE: To apply conditional value on an Android device, you first have to create the column and award the Calculated formula mark type. After editing the column and this option will appear.

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