How to calculate the attendance mark

The Calculating of attendance mark mark type allows you to obtain the attendance record calculation on the dates you choose and also, that the result influences the final grade.

The first step to using it is to determine the value of each icon of the Attendance Mark type from the menu Settings> Mark types configurator.

By selecting this mark type of the list, you will see that you can modify the existing icons and values and add new ones.

NOTE: It is important to define the values of the icons before making the attendance record for the first time because the changes will only be applied to the new columns, not the existing ones. In order to apply them to columns previously created, you must manually replace the icon in each cell. This process is done to avoid that changes are applied in previous records.(See tutorial: Set attendance Mark type).

In future versions we want to automate the process, allowing you to choose if you want or not to automatically apply the new values in previous records.

Then you should come back within the group-class and create a new column with the Calculating of attendance mark mark type and then click on the Configure option that appears just below the selected mark type.

You will see that this mark type is fully configurable and allows you to define the start and the end date of which you want to count attendance, the initial value to start counting and the maximum and minimum that you must have to get the attendance calculation you need.

The initial value, allows you to choose how you want the account, ie, if you want to start from a specific value or not.

In the case of the minimum and maximum value, is used to not exceed a value (either upward or downward). If you need not limit, you must enter a maximum high value to make sure you never get over it.

Next we are going to explain a case study to see its possibilities:

Suppose that at the beginning all students have a 10 in Attendance and you consider that if they attend all classes, at the end of course they will keep this mark but if they have any absence or tardiness, you will subtract them score.

First go to Settings menu, select the option Mark types configurator, Attendance and modify existing numeric values for the following ones:

Then return within the group and create a column with the Calculating of attendance mark mark type, determine the start and end date that you want to take into account (in this case, comprising the 1st Term) and finally specify that the initial value is 10 (you assume that all have 10), the minimum is 0 (that never you will want to have less than 0 for more days remaining) and the value maximum also 10.

In this case, we will be subtracting as “incidents”. When configured this way, you will manage that the first day all students have 10 because you still not computed any attendance.

When a student has the green icon, to this 10 will add a 0 because in the Mark types configurator we assigned to the green icon this value.

However, if a student has an justified absence, it subtracted 0.5, so this student will have a 9.5.

As you go adding columns, if you are between the start date and the end date you set in the calculation of attendance, you will see that it will automatically change the value.

Once obtained the calculation, create a new column with the Calculated Formula mark type to obtain the final mark of the first term. Once inside the Formula generator, select the fx function Weighted mean and attribute the appropriate percentage that corresponds to each column, in case of attendance, a 10%, thus obtaining the final grade for the term.

As mentioned above, this is a very specific case but the idea is that you define the value of each icon and “you play” with the values and dates for the calculation of attendance that you need.

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