Icons values summation

Let’s imagine that, in a tab, we have kept track of the daily attitude of students with the Icon selector: emoticons Type of mark, and that at the end of the term we want to obtain the summation of the value of each icon so that the result is taken into account in the final mark.

NOTE: In these cases, we recommend to activate the option Quick columns.

NOTE: It is important to define from the beginning the correct value of each icon. You can do this in the types of mark Settings, as we explain in this tutorial.

To obtain the count, create a new column with the Calculated formula Type of mark, and press in any cell in that column to open the Formula generator.

Next you have to select the function fx Sum and press the + button to add the columns of the Attitude tab you want to take into account.

Once you save the changes you will see that in this last column the summation of the values of the icons of the selected columns is available.

This column should be the one to be taken into account in the formula you use to calculate the final mark. In this tutorial you can check how to do it.

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