Work groups creation

Students can be part of more than one subgroup, depending on the project or activity that is being worked on, that is why is necessary to create workgroups that will be used to evaluate a whole workgroup together or to do co-assessments.  

Create a workgroup: 

To create a workgroup you just have to select the students that will be part of it with a fast double-click. After selecting them, press the left button of the mouse and press “Create group”.

Once you select the option “Create a group” you will have to designate a name for the workgroup, after that, you will be able to make the necessary modifications.

The students will be able to be in more than one group, so when filtering them, you will be able to select more than one workgroup.

At any moment you will be able to edit the groups. To do that, you will have to access to the three vertical points, Students, workgroups.

There you will be able to edit them:

Note: The workgroups are a very useful tool that you will be able to use in co-assessments and student’s assessment.

Co-assessment with workgroups:

Once you have the workgroups created you will be able to use the co-assessing option selecting directly the group that is going to do the co-assessment. To do that, you will have to create a co-assessment column and select the group you are interested in.

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