Assessing groups of students

At the top of the group screen there is an icon that allows you to assess a group of students at a time. Thus you won’t need to give a grade to every single student, but have the option to select several students and give them the same grade instead.

This functionality is perfect for group works or tasks per projects, as it makes it way easier to assess multiple students in one go.

In order to activate it, click on the icon on the upper-right side of the screen that’s located next to the magic wand and the classroom plan. A window will appear and you’ll be able to write a grade on it, as well as drag it anywhere on the screen so that it doesn’t bother you. To hide this window, you can press the cross-shaped icon or press the icon at the top of the screen again at any time.

If you wish to assess a group of students, you need to select the students that will receive the same grade. In order to do so, click on the student’s name twice. You can be sure it has been selected correctly when the row’s background turns green.

Once the students are selected, write the grade on the aforementioned window and drag it on top of one of the students’ cells. This grade will be automatically applied to all students’ cells in the column.

Besides the grade, you can also add an icon, comments and resources, which will also be copied to all the selected students when dragging the grade.

You can also drag the grade to students individually, without having previously selected them.

If you click on the gear of the modal window, two options will pop up: “Set the grade type” and “Reset the values”. See their description below.

  • Set the grade type: Allows you to choose which kind of grade or rubrics you want to use to assess the students.
  • Reset the values: Allows you to leave the cell blank, deleting any inserted information such as grades, comments, resources or icons.

NOTE: If a grade can’t be applied to a cell, it will be highlighted in red. It’s important to know that the set grade type needs to match the one in the column to assess, as otherwise it won’t be applied.

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