How to use the seating plan

The seating plan allows you to freely distribute the students in the classroom and to create workgroups.

It is represented with the icon of a student sitting on a chair and you can find it next to each group’s magic wand.

When you select this option, the photography and the full name of the students of the group will be displayed. Below you can find details about its most important features:

  • Modify the students' distribution: When you press long on each student, you can move it wherever you want; you will only have to keep your finger or the left mouse button pressed and release it when it is on the desired location.

  • Highlight student: When you press shortly on a student, he will be highlighted from the rest with shading.  
  • Hide student: When you press the right mouse button (double click on the app version) on the name of a student, an option that allows you to hide him will appear.

Once hidden, you can unhide him with the option Show hidden students, available in the three vertical dots menu.

This student, unlike the rest, will be shown rather opaquely; you can unhide him with a short press on his name and selecting the option Show student.

  • Magic wand: You can select a student randomly, highlighting him.

  • Drop down tab: You can find it next to the group’s name; it will allow you to access, create and edit the plans you wish. With the + button, you will be able to add as many plans as needed, and when you press on Edit, you will be able to rearrange, delete and rename them.

By pressing the 3 vertical points on the right you will be able to export the class plan in PDF.

NOTE: On the bottom right-hand side of the pop-up window you’ll find the Zoom button, which will allow you to enlarge the students’ pictures.

In the app version, you can use the zoom sliding both fingers at the same time, as when pinching, moving them closer or further from one another if you want to zoom in or out.

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