Divide name and surname on Excel or Drive

In this tutorial you will see how simple it is to divide the data of one column into different columns to be able to import students directly from Excel to Additio.

First, we open the student list document in Excel and create one more column next to the column that contains the name and surname so that the surnames are imported:


Select the column you want to divide and press the option Data> Divide text into columns


Press the option and the split option will appear at the bottom of the list of students.

At this time you can select which type of splitting do you want to use, we will use the Space, but you must choose the most suitable for your case.


Once you select it, the name and surname will be divided and you will be able to import them into the application with the option to Import students from Excel. 


NOTE: The tutorial shows how to do it from Google Drive, but from Excel it is exactly the same: Select the column> Click on Data> In the Data tools section> Click on Text in columns

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