Import student's marks

From the menu of the 3 vertical points of a group, you will find the option "Import student's marks".

With this option, you can import the marks of the students that you have in any Excel file.

The steps for importing marks are as follows:

Step 1

Select the file you want to import that contains student notes.

Step 2

Next, you must select the sheet of the file that contains the data to be imported and indicate if the first row contains the titles of the columns, as well as if you want to omit any row of excel.

You can also choose whether or not to use the title of the Excel sheet as the name of the tab to be created with the marks. Otherwise the tab will be called "Imported marks".

Once all this is configured, you must press the "Import marks" button to go to the last step.


Step 3

In this step, you must specify in the columns the type of value that corresponds to: students, numeric, text, or if you do not want to import it. You will only be able to select one column of students.


In case there are some students that do not match the ones in the Additio group, a button will be shown to view the students that do not match.

In that case, if you decide to import the marks from the Excel of the mismatched, these will not be taken into account in the import. Although they will always be able to modify their names to make them match and to be able to import their marks.


Finally, you must click on the button "Import student's marks" to perform the import, after which you will see that a new tab with the Excel marks has been created.

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