Import students: data and pictures

When you create a new student you will see in the left-side column and in the three vertical dots menu the Import students option.

If you select it, you will see a pop-up window with various import options; some are related to personal data and others to pictures.

We will now explain what these options represent and how they are used:

Add students

It allows you to enter manually the name and surname of all your students. To add more students, press the tab key.

Import students from an existing Group

This option allows you to use the list of students of an already existing group. See tutorial: Import students from an existing group

Import students from Excel

You will be able to import the personal data of the students you have in any Excel file. Here you could see how to do it. 

Import students from Google Classroom

Now you could import the students from Google Classroom. Then you could link all the marks' and tasks from Google Classroom to Additio App. Take a look here


Import students’ pictures

It allows you to link the individual pictures of each student. In this case, it is important that each picture is named after the student’s identification. Thus, they will be automatically linked to that student when you import them.

Import pictures with face recognition 

The application will automatically detect the faces that appear in the picture so that you can later link them to the students. 


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