Import students using the online editor

This tutorial explains to you how to use the online editor of students in order to create the student sheet and import them into the app.

NOTE: The screenshots are from the iOS version; nonetheless the process is exactly the same in Android.

Importing students into Additio is a very simple process. Just edit the students using our student’s online editor and enter student data or simply copy them with a simple copy & paste from an Excel file and then, send them to the app. Each of the steps of this process are listed below:

1. Open the online editor of Additio students: The editor appearance reminds us to the Excel or Numbers spreadsheet, with multiple rows and columns. Exist one column for each data field of the student sheet, while the rows are designed for introduce one student in each one. On the following image you can see an example of a student. Because exists the possibility to introduce many fields, you can see the remaining ones located on the right side of the formulary simply using the horizontal scroll.

Below the editor, you can see some “tricks” or instructions of use that will be very helpful for you during the process of introduction of the information. This context menu is displayed with the right mouse button.

2. Editing students: You can create new rows for each student or copy the data directly from an Excel spreadsheet placed on your computer. Simply using the copy option (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) you can move the data from the Excel file into the editor. With double-click you can edit the content of each field and gradually, develop the students list.

It is very important to note that the first and last name fields are mandatory and, if they don’t appear on the table it will be impossible to import this row into the app.

3. Send the file to your tablet: Once successfully filled the table, the next step is to send it to the tablet in order to proceed to its importation. Therefore, you must use Send by e-mail button, available on the top right part of the editor. When you use this option, the app requests you an e-mail address to automatically send the file with the data displayed on the screen. It’s very important to introduce an e-mail address that you have configured on your tablet/smartphone in order to follow the steps smoothly. A confirmation message will appear when the e-mail has been sent. You now only need to go to the device and open the app provided on the e-mail.

NOTE: Under no circumstances Additio stores the user e-mail, your e-mail is simply used to send the file to the device.

4. Importing the file into Additio:  Once your e-mail has been received with the attached file on your device, the next step is to import it into the app. If you have an iPad, you have to use Copy to Additio option that appears once you press the square icon with the arrow.

Once you select Additio, the app will show a window that lets you choose which group you want to import students and also, choose if you want to link and match students by name or ID*. When you select a students group, the data of the students file will be imported into the selected group and a confirmation message will be displayed at the end.

If you have an Android tablet, the process is very similar. Press over the file and you’ll see that automatically Additio will be opened to choose the group you want to import the list.

* The linking checkboxes located at the bottom part of the screen, let you
At the bottom part of the screen, appears two different checkboxes offering you two options to link automatically students of the file with students that have been already introduced inside the app: searching it by their full name or by their ID.
In other words, if for instance we already have a student named Juan López in Biology group and we proceed to import an Excel file with a student called exactly the same in the Maths group, if we have selected the second checkbox, the student will not be created again and thus, this student will be presented in both groups.

NOTE: Importing process will discard rows that have no data in first name and last name fields as they are compulsory in the app.

NOTE: Some email programs don't offer the possibility to open this type of files, for this reason, we recommend to set up your email in the official Gmail app.

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