Create, use and edit Mark types

The Mark types  are linked to the columns and allow you to choose how you want to enter data (see tutorial: Create a column).

The app offers some Mark types by default, but you have the possibility to modify the settings and create customised ones.

Below we give more details about the Types of mark by default:

  • Open text: It will allow you to introduce short texts in the cells. If you want to highlight an aspect of the context of a cell, you should use the Comments (see the tutorial: How to put marks). 

  • Numeric keypad: You will be able to enter the marks of the students as if it were a calculator keyboard. Thus you’ll speed up the procedure of entering the marks. 

  • Numeric selector 0 - 10 and 0 - 100: It will allow you to choose the mark from a list of values.

  • Textual selector Fail-Excellent and A-E: You will be able to choose the mark from a list of values.

  • Icon selector: It will allow you to put an icon in a cell and to take into account their numeric value in the formulas.

  • Calculation of attendance mark: You will obtain the calculation of the attendance record of the dates you choose and, moreover, this result will affect the final mark. (See tutorial: How to calculate the attendance percentage).

To customise new Mark types and to edit those that already exist, you will have to access the Configurator of the types of mark, available in the main menu.

There you will see the full "Type of evaluation" list, which you’ll be able to edit and configure according to your needs. With the + button you’ll be able to create those you want and choose between the following possibilities: Open text, Numeric keypad, Numeric selector, Value selector or Icon selector.

In the Mark types list you will also find the Attendance one, which is used in the Group attendance tab to record the students’ attendance. Thus you’ll be able to define the value of each icon, so that it can be taken into account in the Attendance mark calculation.

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