Sharing and importing rubrics from Edrubrics

Edrubrics allows you to work collaboratively with other teachers in the Additio community, sharing and importing rubrics. Learn more about Edrubrics.

How to share a rubric in Edrubrics

If you wish to share a rubric, you just need to access the rubric you want to share from Additio, select “Actions” and then “Share in Edrubrics”.

Once this option has been selected, a confirmation message to share the rubric will pop up. By selecting “Yes”, the rubric will automatically appear on the Edrubrics list.

How to import a rubric from Edrubrics

If you wish to import a rubric from Edrubrics, access the rubrics settings and click on the three vertical dots. Then select “Find in Edrubrics” and the rubrics' portal will automatically open.

Once the Edrubrics screen pops up, use the search option to find the rubric you are interested in.

When clicking on the selected rubric, it will open and the “Import to Additio” option will become available.

By clicking on “Import to Additio”, the web version of Additio will open. If you were already logged in, you will be redirected to the rubrics list. If you weren’t, you will be redirected after logging in with your user.

Once you have confirmed the import, the rubric will appear on the rubrics list, together with the ones you already had.

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