Edrubrics: a rubrics bank

In Additio we are aiming to boost the collaborative work between teachers. Thus, we created Edrubrics, the Additio rubrics bank. Now you can share your rubrics with other teachers from the Additio community and import other colleagues’ rubrics from this portal.

Visit edrubrics.additioapp.com to see all the rubrics that have been uploaded to the portal and start sharing and importing rubrics with the other teachers.

You can also access the portal from the web version of Additio. Click on the three vertical dots on the rubrics settings screen to see the search rubrics option.


From Edrubrics, you can use the search option or the filter at the top of the screen to find the rubric you are most interested in. The filter allows you to sort by name, number of imports or number of “Likes”.


If you click on a rubric, you can view it and check if you are interested in working with it.

You can also see how many “Likes”, imports and favorites each rubric has, which will help you get a better overview of which rubrics are the most preferred or used.

If you sign up, you will be able to mark your favorite rubrics and write down your comments. If you already signed up, you only need to log in. Please note that this is a public portal, so your Additio user won’t be valid. You need to sign up for this portal if you want to use the aforementioned features.

You can export the rubrics in PDF format in order to print them or save them to your computer, and also in JSON format in case you want to import them to other apps.

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