FAQ about synchronization

What is it?

Synchronisation is the process by which you are able to access and manage data from any device previously linked with your user with a multi-device licence.

How and where is it done?

Synchronisation is done in the app version (tablets and smartphones); in the web version the Synchronise button doesn’t appear because data are automatically uploaded to the server.

The option is enabled in the main menu and in Settings when you have logged in with your user with multi-device licence.

In order to be able to access the same resources in all your devices, you have to press the Synchronise button in each of them. Thus the most recent data you have synchronised will be transferred. In this tutorial you will see how the whole synchronisation process is done.

How does synchronisation work?

Once you have signed up and logged into the app, everything is ready to start the synchronisation with the Synchronise button that appears in the main menu of the apps. Each time you synchronise, all the app’s new data are uploaded to the server and all the server’s new data are downloaded into the app. For example, if we have created a new entry in the class journal with the web version and, additionally, we have assigned a mark to a student in the app version, once the synchronisation is finished we will have both data (journal entry and mark) in both devices. If later another device is synchronised, those data will be downloaded and those that were pending will also be uploaded.

If you don’t have an Internet connection, you will still be able to keep using the app in your tablet and smartphone. You only need an Internet connection to use the web version and to transfer data between devices.

Why do I have 3 synchronisation options?

When you press on the Synchronise button, you can choose these 3 types of synchronisation:

- Synchronise data

- Synchronise students’ pictures

- Synchronise resources

The only option activated by default is Synchronise data, but you also can synchronise the students’ pictures and the resources (check our tutorial: Resources synchronisation and purchasing more storage space).

What happens if I change the same data in different apps?

If you modify exactly the same piece of data (for example, you edit the name of the same student in the app and in the web version), the synchronisation will prioritize the most recent modification.

How often do I have to synchronise?

It depends on how you use the application. We recommend synchronising each time you make a significant amount of changes or think you will want to work with another device.

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